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Incense Burner (class II)

6.18 EUR

Manufacturer: Prema
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A clay censer, covered with glaze. Thanks to the double firing in the oven, it is resistant to the temperature of the hot coal. In contrast to metal censers, the ceramic censer does not heat up at such a fast rate, so it can be safely moved. Complete with cork base for better thermal insulation from the ground.

In the utility sense, the genre censer II is a full-value product. Only glaze may have imperfections in the form of scratches, sprue or unkempt enamel. These defects are usually very small and do not interfere with normal use. The color of the II species censer is sent "randomly".

Goods made by hand, in Poland. Packed in a cardboard box.

The recommended diameter of the charcoal for use in the censer is 33mm. Burning without a lid improves the burning quality of the charcoal.

Height of the censer with a lid: about 8,5 cm

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