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Palo Santo 60g

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"Palo Santo", meaning in Spanish "Holy Tree" is a species of tree belonging to the group of incenses (just like Olibanum and Mirra). It occurs naturally in areas of South and Central America under the Latin name Bursera graveolens.

While smoking, the wood releases a very pleasant, spicy - citrus scent. In addition to the obvious aroma values, one believes in the numerous purifying and healing properties of the Holy Tree. For centuries, it has been used in religious ceremonies. Smoking Palo Santo is to bring prosperity and peace. An interesting fact is that currently Palo Santo is successfully used as incense in most South and Central American churches.

The healing properties of the Holy Tree have been valued for a long time in natural medicine. Its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and even anticancer effects have been noticed. In Amazon medicine, they are also used in rheumatic pains and abdominal pain.

Offered branches come from Peru, where the acquisition of the Holy Tree is regulated by the Peruvian government, and legally operating companies obtain the appropriate certificates (which we have for inspection). Felling of trees is banned in Peru. Only naturally dead branches can be collected.

The packaging contains 60g Palo Santo - usually 5 to 8 pieces of wood.

To use Palo Santo, ignite one end of it and let it burn for about 30 to 60 seconds. Then extinguish the flame. The glowing wood will start to release a pleasant aroma.

If necessary, the action should be repeated.

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